About RLDC

The Regional Livestock Development Centre (RLDC) in Zhemgang was restructured and renamed from the erstwhile Regional Veterinary Laboratory (RVL) in Bumthang with the mandates to cater to the livestock development services in the east-central region of the country. It was relocated and established during the year 2008-2010 through Government of India (GoI) supported Livestock Project and the office was formally inaugurated on 31st December 2010.

The centre provides technical and development services related to livestock health, production, animal nutrition programs and post-production and marketing technologies to four (4) regional Dzongkhags i.e. Bumthang, Sarpang, Trongsa and Zhemgang and covers twenty nine (29) gewogs with a total area of 8556.78 sq. km in the region. The east-central region has a total of 52 livestock commodity/research programs, input farms and livestock service centers to cater to the various livestock development programs in the region.


Attain self-reliance in livestock products and enhancement of socio-economic well being by way of enhanced domestic production in the region


To enhance the productivity of livestock commodities by ensuring prompt delivery of appropriate technologies and expertise to the communities in the region


  • To provide specialized technical and  development services to the regional Dzongkhags
  • To execute planning and monitoring of livestock development to meet the regional demand for livestock products
  • To execute post production, marketing and market development in the region

Roles and Functions

  • To  make  livestock product self sufficient in the region
  • Manage regional  targets for Annual Performance System
  • Coordinate and support annual work plan preparation for Dzongkhags to make uniform regional plan
  • Coordinate demand and supply collection and forecast for livestock input requirement for development in the Dzongkhags
  • Execute post production activity and develop facilities for marketing and market linkages
  • Execute value chain management and develop continuous production and supply system
  • Provide specialized  technical services in animal health, production, breeding & marketing, nutrition and provide analytical report on livestock development in the region
  • Monitor regional livestock census and maintain livestock development information and maintain database on livestock information
  • Facilitate in developing  standardized  project proposals for farmers and entrepreneurs
  • Support research and dissemination of research findings and technologies implementation
  • Advise the division on human resource deployment, transfers and recruitments
  • Implement disease outbreak containment and  response  program
  • Coordinate  meetings and workshops in regional Dzongkhags